• A Step Beyond for Allied Professionals

    A Step Beyond for Allied Professionals

    HFI goes a Step Beyond in helping allied professionals meet client needs

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  • Watch the Webinar: Common Misconceptions About Retirement

    Watch the Webinar: Common Misconceptions About Retirement

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    Title: Common Misconceptions about Retirement
     May 28, 2014


  • Working With HFI

    Working With HFI

    A personal advisor supported by a specialized team, and a proven methodology for assessing your needs and managing your wealth are HFI’s hallmarks. More about the HFI Team.

  • The People We Help

    The People We Help

    HFI probably helps someone whose needs and goals are similar to yours.  Select from among the kinds of people we help.

    Allied Professionals: As a Fee-only firm, HFI has a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. Shared values and obligations make good partners. See why.

  • Fee-Only Wealth Management Services

    Fee-Only Wealth Management Services

    You and your financial plan will face many life issues.  HFI combines disciplines to position you to do so successfully.  Explore our menu of services.

  • Your Portfolio From a New Perspective

    Your Portfolio From a New Perspective

    Are your assets optimally aligned to meet your goals? Click here to have HFI provide a complimentary analysis of your portfolio.

  • The Advantage We Offer

    The Advantage We Offer

    As a registered Fee-Only wealth management firm, HFI has a legal and sole fiduciary responsibility to its clients.  Click here to see why it matters.

Fee-Only Wealth Management Advisors

The people we help

High Net Worth Individuals

High Net Worth Individuals

Wealth creates possibilities, but also responsibilities and risks.  HFI helps clients build wealth and also helps them use it wisely.  See how.

Business Owners

Business Owners

Compensation management, succession planning, retirement—just some of the challenges business owners face. HFI helps. See how.

Empty Nesters

Empty Nesters

When children leave the nest, financial priorities can change. HFI helps clients revise financial strategies to reflect new priorities. See how.

Rising Executives

Rising Executives

The money you make now is the seed for the money you’ll live on in 25 years. HFI can help you make it grow. See how.

Insight from HFI

Watch the Webinar: Common Misconceptions about Retirement

HFI’s Director of Financial Planning Amanda Runkles covers a variety of topics including Social Security, …

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